Free Baby Samples by Mail

New parents, we know how tough things can be during those first couple years of your child’s life. We love helping everyone out, so we’re excited to let you know how easy it is to find baby product samples from top name brands right here on! Every day we scour the internet, searching for companies giving out free samples of products, and list them right here for your convenience. We let you know when you can take your time and when you need to act fast; sometimes the deals are today-only and sometimes they run for weeks. Speaking of patience, even the quick deals occasionally need weeks to ship, so we let you know when that’s the case, too. The point is, we do all we can to bring you the best deals and free baby products every single day. Checking here will save you money and maybe introduce some new great products into your life!

Baby Product Samples

It’s a universal truth: baby products of all sorts are expensive! Raising a new life and nurturing it into adulthood will mean spending a lot of your hard earned money over the years, but the first months are the most crucial. They’re often the most expensive, too. Between diapers and wipes, there’s a whole world of products you’ll discover that you need where there’s a new little one running around. No matter what it is, you’re likely to find it for free, right here. We find the best free sample offers and deals from around the web and we let you know right away.

Free Diaper Samples

pampers diapersDid you know that the average baby goes through 10 to 14 diapers each day? Add this cost up week over week and you realize that you’re spending a small fortune on diapers, often $60 or up each month. For this exact reason, we are always on the look out for great diaper deals and free samples. We aim to bring you diaper products as often as possible, whenever we can. We get diapers for babies of all sizes, from a range of numerous great diaper brands. We’re your eyes and ears out there on the vast web, ready to reel in any and all deals that new parents will find not only useful, but a practical lifesaver. So please feel free to browse our list today and beyond!

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Free Formula Samples

formulaAnother great expense that many new families absorb is the cost of infant formula. Even those who breastfeed may want to keep formula around just in case – it’s quite the lifesaver! It’s also pricey in the long run. With our help you’ll be able to save a lot of money. We search out companies giving away free formula samples and share the news every time, so that you’ll find exactly what your baby needs, for free, when it’s available. One incredible advantage to free formula samples is that you can try out a number of top brands without making a financial commitment; find the one that’s best for you and your baby!

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Free Baby Wipes Samples

baby wipesRight along with diapers, baby wipes are something you’re guaranteed to spend a lot of money on. You’ve got to use hundreds, even thousands over the months, so the total can really add up. But here’s where it gets better: we search high and low, daily, to find the best deals and free baby wipes across the web. We find out when companies are giving away samples of these incredibly useful products and we let you know. You save not only money, but also a lot of time when we do the searching on your behalf. Check us out daily to see about free baby wipe deals!

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Free Pampers Gifts to Grow

pampers gifts to growWe know that finances are usually crunched for any new parents and freshly expanded families. They need to do all they can to save money, and every little bit helps! Children are expensive because life is expensive; we understand that, and we’re here to help! On you’ll see free Pampers Gifts To Grow points, which helps you save money on a range of Pampers products. It’s one more thing we look for when finding the best free samples and deals to help you out.


Top Free Baby Samples You Can Order By Mail

Here is quick list of free baby samples you can order Now! These are all available at the moment! Your Sample Buddy recommends you get these today! :)


Get a FREE Goody Bag at Buy Buy Baby

FREE Goody Bag at Buy Buy Baby

New parents, listen up!! We’re excited to let you know how you can get a FREE Goody Bag at Buy Buy Baby!!

All you need to do is register your baby or add items in-store, and you’ll receive a goody bag full of amazing product samples and valuable coupons. It’s just a bonus for registering and it’s yours free! Once you’ve registered, you only need to visit any one of their stores to receive your very own goody bag! Check the store locator here.

Bag Filled with Free Baby Samples from Similac


New parents, listen up! Similac’s StrongMom’s program allows you to receive nutrition guidance throughout your pregnancy and onto your baby’s first full year. Joining up will net you up to $329 in benefits, all supplied in a sleek black messenger bag. To get your Free Baby Samples from Similac simply click here and enter your name and information to sign up for the program, and you’ll be enjoying free products like a digital photo book, feeding guides, formula, and more!

Earn 15 FREE Pampers Gifts to Grow Points

15 FREE Pampers Gifts to Grow Points

We know that new parents can use all the help they can get, so here’s another great deal if you’ve got little ones at home: get 15 FREE Pampers Gifts to Grow Points!!!

Here’s what to do: just enter code CM9XSKE7RDFSW15 to get the FREE points, which will go toward Pampers products. If you’re not already a Pampers Gifts to Grow Rewards member, just go HERE to join in, and you’ll get 100 FREE points immediately. Easy and helpful!


Sample Buddy Tips on How To Find Free Baby Samples

We’ve grown exceptionally good at finding the best baby product samples from around the web, and we share that knowledge with you every day. But we wanted to do more, so we’re sharing some tips to help you scout out your own great deals and free samples! While we strive to bring you every sample possible, there are even more opportunities out there. No matter where you are, there are ways to obtain free baby products, so here are some tips and guidelines for getting tons of samples yourself!

  • One little-known avenue for getting free baby product samples is to simply ask! The important part is knowing where to ask. Your local hospital or doctor’s office is a fantastic place to start. Check in and inquire about any free baby samples they might have on hand; they might even track some down for you!
  • We know from our own experience that checking out baby magazines is a highly effective way to find free offers. Many baby product companies are eager to get new customers by letting them try the products before they buy, and a baby magazine is the best place to find their target audience. So even if you don’t subscribe, pick up a few baby magazines at the checkout counter and see what you can find!
  • Just as we mentioned above with regards to magazines, baby product companies are often very eager to give out free samples. They know that new parents have to be very choosy and they want to get some positive word-of-mouth, so they’re often more than happy to send out free products in the mail. Try registering on company websites or simply contacting them about samples; you’ll strike gold in no time.
  • Sign up for all the offers you can. This seems like a whole to-do with not much immediate payoff, but it will be worth it in the long run. Some offers will turn out great, some won’t, but once you’ve signed up the only work to do is waiting. We do this all the time; it’s how we get the first word on a number of great deals and free samples, so we definitely know it’s a worthy effort!
  • Use! Honestly, we’re not just tooting our own horns; we really are one of the best resources for anyone, anywhere, who needs the help of free samples and great deals. We’re here every day to give you the best free products the web has to offer, and we’re always looking for more.
  • Get a new, separate email account to be used solely for your freebie hunting. This one is especially important if you value your inbox sanity! With a new free account (we love Gmail) you’ll be able to sign up for deals and free samples as often as you’d like without fear of an inbox full of spam. You also get the peace of mind of knowing that your everyday email isn’t associated with anything other than your personal affairs or work.
  • Relating to our last point, we encourage you to use that secondary email address to sign up for all the offers you can. Sometimes you’ll stumble upon fake offers on the internet, and you don’t want those anywhere near your main email address or your personal information. Here at we do an awesome job filtering out fake offers, only posting the legitimate deals that will result in a free product at your door.
  • Never use your credit card when getting free samples! The samples are exactly that – FREE – and you should never have to use your credit card to obtain them. If a site is boasting free, that means shipping and handling costs are included. If they’re saying otherwise, turn away – it’s not the real deal.