Free Perfume Samples by Mail!

Finding perfume samples from top name brands just got really easy using! There’re tons of companies out there waiting for you to try their products! The hard part or the time-consuming part, is finding these companies when they’re giving out free samples! That’s were comes in! Our staff on a daily basis, looks through dozens of company websites, company Facebook pages, Twitter pages, promotional emails, and more… looking for fragrance sample offers and promotions for you! All you have to do is visit our website and go through the offers that we find and post for you. If any of the products interest you, just fill out the online request form and order your product samples by mail! Once you start ordering your products just hang tight and give it some time, you’ll have to be patient since some perfume product offers usually take 8 weeks or longer to be received via mail! However, some products are mailed out sooner then others, so don’t get discouraged and be patient, you’ll get them!



Free Perfume Samples

Do you wear perfume a-lot? Would you like to try some new perfumes without paying for them? If so, then you should feel free to browse our list of perfumes. There is no charge for these perfumes, so feel free to order today. You may even want to consider giving your family and friends some of these free perfume products.



Free Women’s Perfumes

Are you interested in trying out some new women’s perfume? If so, then you should check out our list of women’s perfume. The perfumes on the list are free, so you can order as many as you would like. It is also important to note that these perfumes will make a great gift. Getting women’s perfume is very easy. You just need to select the ones that you want, place your order, and they’ll arrive at your house in a few weeks.



Free Men’s Perfumes

If you are interested in getting some men’s perfume, then you should consider checking out our list. We have several men’s perfumes, so you will find the one that you like. These perfumes will also make a great gift. Check them out today!



Sample Buddy Tips on How To Find Perfume Online

Below are some tips and guidelines you should follow to get tons of free samples online!

  • There are a-lot of companies today that give out out samples. You will have to visit the company’s website and register your information. When the company sends out product offers, you will automatically be able to get them in the mail.
  • Use! Visit our site daily and go through our perfume product sample category! We update our site daily by adding new offers, and removing old expired offers! Sample Buddy is one of the most up to date freebie sites on the internet!
  • Get a Free Email Account and use it just for your freebie hunting. Gmail is awesome, it’s easy to use! Never use your personal every-day email address when signing up for freebies – unless you want a mailbox full of spam!
  • BEST TIP! Sign up for a lot of offers. Unfortunately, since not every offer will be sent out, signing-up for as many offers as possible will increase your chances of success. Here at Sample Buddy we do an awesome job filtering out fake offers and only posting the ones that look legit and we believe will get delivered to you.
  • When looking for free fragrance products don’t fall for gimmicky offers that make you buy into other products! You shouldn’t have to pay for another product to get a free sample!
  • Don’t ever use a credit card! Samples are meant to be absolutely 100% FREE! That means no shipping and handling cost should be added!
  • Samples without surveys – Most of the offers on are without surveys or participation! Some companies require a 5 – 10 question survey to better learn about their consumers, but you won’t find never ending surveys on our site.
  • Samples with no shipping – To reiterate you shouldn’t have to pay any shipping when requesting free samples by mail!