Free Dog Food Samples: Sample Offers for Pet Nutrition

Feeding your dog raises the same nutrition issues as feeding your family does. Evaluating advertising claims and labels can be a chore, and nutritional goodness does no good if your pet doesn't like the food. We've scouted dog food samples from reputable companies so you can shop with confidence.

Innovations in Canine Nutrition

Major brands in pet food such as Purina come out with new formulas and flavors on a regular basis. New contenders in the market include specialty foods and natural pet foods with wholesome ingredients and without additives, chemicals and byproducts. Products come as dry kibble, canned chow, moist packets and more. Healthy weight formulas, aging formulas for your senior pet and other dietary products add to the option overload.

With so many brands claiming to have the highest quality and the most advanced canine nutrition, it's tough to decide what to buy. Trying products before you buy to see how your dog responds saves money. Trial offers spare you from wasting a full-size product. If your pets have special health needs, check with your vet for advice.

Yummy Offers for Canines

We care about dogs as much as you do and enjoy bringing you the best coupon bargains in pet products. Wellness recipes, natural ingredients, puppy, adult and senior nutrition — and even doggie treats — come as freebies.

Some trial offers send the dog food by mail. Shipping might be free or there may be a small shipping and handling charge. Other offers give a coupon you can redeem at a store for the complimentary dog food. Browse our list of current dog food samples; you're likely to find more than one your dogs will like.

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